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A 6 pack seems to be something everyone wants but not many people have… So, I’m here to tell you the truth about your abs and how you can achieve your desired 6 pack!

  1. You can’t spot burn fat

Sorry to bring the bad news, but it’s actually impossible to lose weight in a specific area of your body. It’s a big myth that doing sit ups and core exercises is bound to get you the abs you've always dreamed of, however unfortunately this is only a small part of it. It doesn't matter how intensely you work out one specific body part, doing that specific exercise is not going to lose fat specifically in that area of your body. Fat is lost gradually from around your body through maintaining a good diet and exercise (read more on weight loss here), so to lose fat from your tummy, you’ll have to work on your whole body as well!


  2. Exercise

Ab exercises such as crunches and leg raises are great for building up and strengthening your abdominal muscles, however this isn’t the only thing you need to do to get those great abs! Cardio, HIIT and resistance training are all key parts in achieving a toned stomach as well as diet. I know you may think ‘if I’m not specifically working on my core muscles, how are they getting stronger? Truth is, most things you do in your day to day life require you core to assist stability, posture and movement. Even just standing doing nothing requires your core muscles to help you stand up straight and maintain good posture.

(check out our resistance training, cardio training and HIIT training blogs for more info)


3.     Diet

As we mentioned in our weight loss blog, diet plays a very large roll in fat loss. To be able to see your amazing abs, you may have to lose some fat from your tummy area to start off with. Diet and core exercise go hand in hand in the ab building process and are both crucial if your goal is to achieve picture perfect abs!

So basically, each aspect complements one another, in the fact that core exercises build up your muscles and diet help them become visible.

4.     Water

One very simple solution to bloating is to drink water. I know what you’re thinking… you’re already full of water so why add more? Water retention is something that can cause your weight to fluctuate, especially in your stomach area. However, drinking MORE water ensure your body is well hydrated, meaning your kidneys can flush out those nasty toxins that cause you to bloat.

But it's not just about bloating! Water is also a great appetite suppressant, meaning you will cut down on your calorie intake as well!

5.     Be consistent

Unfortunately, we're here to tell you doing a couple of crunches and eating a salad isn’t quite enough to achieve your dream abs! Consistency in diet and exercise is key (yes this means this is a long, ongoing process). You may not see results overnight, but if you are consistent and work at it, we promise you your hard work will pay off! 

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