Moose Cow Fish first started in Melbourne, in 2016. The original Moose Cow Fish products included handmade women's silk slip dresses and tops, which 15 year old founder Alex, made in her spare time and on school holidays.

After 6 months of hand making clothes, Moose Cow Fish slipped between the cracks when Alex became overwhelmed with school commitments and other things that 16 year olds do! 

Fast forward 4 years to the end of 2019 and Moose Cow Fish was reborn, this time as an active streetwear brand! After finishing school and settling into university, Alex became bored with regular study and needed something to work on, on the side. The idea of activewear came from Alex's love and passion for health and fitness, stemming from her health and fitness instagram 'The A Game', which she wanted to extend further. 
The aim of Moose Cow Fish is to provide customers with comfortable, sleek and stylish active-street wear, that can be worn both to the gym and during everyday life. Moose Cow Fish is made for strong, bold, active, independent women, of all shapes and sizes, that want to feel confident yet comfortable in their activewear!
Now to answer the burning question, what does Moose Cow Fish actually mean?! The name Moose Cow Fish originated when Alex's younger brother used to sing the 'Llama song', which ends with the words 'Moose Cow Fish'. Her brother, Charlie, at a young age had very chubby cheeks and he used to act out the 'Moose Cow Fish', using his hands, squishing his chubby cheeks. The whole family used to find it hilarious and the words
'Moose Cow Fish' just stuck!




Alex is 20 years old, from Melbourne, Australia. She is currently at uni studying a Bachelor in Business (marketing) at RMIT and has recently completed a Diploma in Nutrition at Torrens university in 2020. 
Alex's passion for health and fitness developed when she was in year 12 at school, where she started her instagram page and blog to share her recipes, food photography and fitness and lifestyle content. Alex has always been an active individual growing up, and especially loves horse riding, competing at state and national level with her show horses.


Alex aims to share her passion and knowledge for living a healthy lifestyle, and wants to try and eliminate all the false information shared on in internet and on social media in the area, by sharing accurate and reliable content.  


Alex started Moose Cow Fish with the help of her Mum, Dad, Granny and boyfriend, and would not have been able to do it without them!