Finding good, healthy lunches to take to school which can be packed in advanced and then sit in a container all day isn’t always easy… so here’s some of my favourite snacks and lunches as well as some tips to keep you feeling healthy and full all day long at school.

I’m not really someone that will eat recess everyday as I like to have a big breakfast which will fill me up til lunch, so my list isn’t all that extensive (I’ll also eat these after school as a snack as well)!

These are just some of my favourite concoctions which are quick and easy to put into a container to take to school!


Obviously, the recipes on our blog already are great as snacks, which you can make on the weekend then take to school for recess:

  • Chobani yogurt choc banana muffins

  • Quick and healthy choc chip cookies (these are a fav!!!)

  • Strawberry, coconut and lemon slice

  • Bliss balls (really good snack!!!)

  • Healthy caramel slice


But some of my other favourites include:

  • Piece of fruit (banana)

  • Bliss balls from the supermarket

  • Carrot or celery and dip (hummus)

  • Rice cakes (with peanut butter and banana or hummus, pesto and turkey/ham)

  • Chobani yogurt tub (single serve ones)

  • Crumpets
  • Toast



Now, lunch is something both I look forward to all morning (yes I know that's sad), but it’s hard not to when your lunch is just so delicious!! I think it’s so important to eat a filling, nutrient dense lunch to keep you functioning a busy day at school/work/uni. So here’s some of my favourite recipes:

  • Chicken and sweet potato salad

  • Similar to ^ but mixing up some of the ingredients (ie. Changing the meat to tuna, adding some feta cheese, adding cucumber, olives, or taking away whatever, you like)

  • Left over dinner (how easy is that! Just put some left-over dinner into a container to bring to school the next day (ok like we don't mean pizza or something like that…)

  • Steam or roast some veggies (or use my sweet potato microwave instructions) to cook up some veggie, then add some meat or egg (a source of protein)

  • Brown rice cups (you can buy these from the supermarket (click here) and they are sooo easy to make and super convenient to add to you lunches! Either cook it before you go to school or at school if you have a microwave and have with some veggies or a salad and meat)

  • Veggie omelette (actually tastes really good cold or heat it up before you eat!)

  • Sandwich or wrap (on whole grain or whole-wheat bread), filled with salad and meat

  • Bolognese on zucchini or multigrain/chickpea pasta or brown rice

  • Chicken/beef/tuna/anything you want stir-fry (with brown rice if you want a little bit more) 

There are so many options for a good healthy lunch that are so so easy to make! A good tip if you don't have a lot of time to make your lunch is to make it on the weekend (get 5 or so containers which you can then put in the fridge/freezer and store for the rest of the week- if you’re putting things in the fridge for a long period of time try avoid using cooked chicken, egg or rice as they can develop bad bacteria which isn’t good for you - better to freeze these!)

I will be putting up some new recipes specially to take to school for lunch so shoot us a message if you have any requests (or want to know how we make any of these above)!

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